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BusyFeet makes a real difference


Melton BusyFeet was brought to my attention when Annette received an award on the same Australia Day ceremony my husband celebrated his citizenship. It was meant to be, because BusyFeet was described as a dance program for children with disabilities. A program that could possibly make my child happy and participate in because he didn’t fit in any mainstream music and dance program that we had tried over and over again.

The only expectation I had for my non-verbal autistic child’s first BusyFeet session was….I wanted to see him happy. Well, two years later, attending both sessions (Melton & Hillside) each week, I sure got more than just happiness and pure enjoyment.

 The Melton BusyFeet program enables my child to

-engage with other children

-feel safe and secure

-constantly be engaged for each song (having a movement component or object/instrument in hand)

-freely express himself at his own pace

-develop his communication skills, fine and gross motor skills, follow instructions

-expand his sensory skills (enabling to wear costumes, hats and holding variety of objects)

-develop his social etiquette by performing in different settings/locations

However, an aspect I never thought would emerge from such a program, is parent networking (which has become a life line). Due to children being guided by volunteers at each session, it enables parents to take a step back from assisting their own child and be freed up to chat with other parents and this has opened up a whole new world to me -of parents suggesting/discussing specialists, local carer programs, disability programs, children issues etc.

Melton BusyFeet is a blessing in disguise, they get it, they have the understanding and acceptance. Parents think so highly of the program and are so grateful for the dedication of Annette, Ross, Julianne, Anne, Lexie and variety of volunteers who give up their time weekly, to ensure each child and parent are welcomed, valued, happy and are participating to their full potential, which is helping the well-being of the child and the parent (which makes Melton BusyFeet so different from other programs and should be looked upon as a model/template for others).

Lisa - parent



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