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Current Cambodia visit

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‘Building networks for the future’:

  • Meeting with ‘RainWater’ Cambodia on site next Tuesday at Sna Techo to review options for construction of toilet blocks that includes education about use of toilets, hand washing, toilet cleaning etc as pre-requisite to building
  • Will soon be passing on to the secondary school teachers 5 laptop computers that Tracey Farnsworth very kindly donated from her ‘Progress Pikinini’ network of contacts. 2 teachers know they are coming and they are so excited!! 😊 Local Lions Club member from Angkor, who works for polytechnic institute, is adding Microsoft Office to the 5 laptops.
  • Remind me to tell you about my amazing lesson/experience transporting the laptops to Cambodia - over a glass of wine 😊


Have made more connections with people from Red Cross and the Teacher Training College

Louise Matthew’s ‘Rotary District 9800 Vocational Training Team’ (VTT) of 4 teachers has completed a successful first week of teacher training in Phnom Penh. They have trained about 70 Cambodian teachers as students. They have experienced more than normal logistical hitches but have pulled it together. Louise is very excited about the knowledge transfer especially given they are using translators. The VTT has moved to Siem Reap where our Club team visited last year and where Paul Rake is currently working, to repeat the training with a different group of teachers. See some photos below:


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