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Project Update – Timor Leste – Water and Sanitation

The first volunteer project team lead by John Walmsley is scheduled to visit Timor Leste in May / June 2018, for a two week period.  It is proposed that Team 1 will install 8 Water Tanks, and visit at least one school nearby where one Toilet will be built by Team 2 when they visit.

This is a marvellous project and a clear demonstration of what can be achieved when people work together and support each other. Vijay and John have done a great job putting this together, building on the work they did with Jayden in Timor Leste last year. Whilst we are all disappointed that Vijay and John are no longer with CEMR, it is wonderful that they are still with Rotary and that this project is going ahead. Congratulations and well done to Vijay and John!!

Vijay and John will be inducted into the Camberwell Rotary Club on the 31st January. On behalf of the International Team, and our Club I wish them every success with this project and their continued involvement within Rotary.


!! Could anyone who wishes to be a volunteer with the teams traveling to Timor Leste please let Alick know as soon as possible or 0437318311. !!

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