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Cambodia Global Grant Project

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  • Educate and train villagers in maximizing health outcomes from, and sustaining, the above resources; and
  • Provide Seedlings, seeds, soil and associated requirements for vegetable growing.

These new assets will go into the villages of Sre Robong, Spean Klmeng, Doan Ok and Kromom Bo in the Siem Reap Province in Cambodia.

The project budget is $US91,000.

The project will be delivered in partnerships with the Rotary Club of Battambang (near Siem Reap) and Build Your Future Today (a Cambodian non-government organization run by Cambodians for Cambodians).

These villages lack the basic requirements for human life (including clean drinking water and proper sanitation) and the consequences are dramatic:

  • High rates of infant mortality;
  • Stunted grow from under nourishment of expectant mothers;
  • High absences from school due to gastro issues; and
  • Lack of clean drinking water and proper sanitation. Some villagers have to shift villages in the dry season because of the lack of clean drinking water.

Working together with the villagers and their supporting NGO, ROTARY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.



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