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BusyFeet - Expanding Horizons With Dance



It is another local project of The Rotary Club of Chadstone / East Malvern.


We commence at 4.30pm every tuesday at a hall in Malvern East.We conclude at 5:15pm.


For more information and application forms for children and volunteers visit, or email or phone Lin, Chairman Special Projects Committee    0406 795 817.





The History of BusyFeet

The challenge for the Special Projects Committee was to develop an activity for young people that would encourage hands-on involvement from Members, Families and Volunteers. It would be an on-going project that would ideally extend to other clubs. 

A NSW group DanceAbility designed a program to create a special place for disabled children and young adults through dance and music, a place where everyone feels special and where everyone is respected for their individual ability. With their assistance we have now modeled our own dance activity named BusyFeet Stonnington which will enable children and young adults with disabilities to enrich their lives through dance and music in a fun, safe environment.

Stonnington Council has given us a wealth of support for which we thank them. After many months of planning we now have our own logo and opened the project in February 2012 where we hold weekly classes during school term and will celebrate their success with an Annual Concert. 

We are based in Malvern East, the sessions at this stage are for ages 6-16 and run for 45 minutes every Tuesday afternoon at 4.30pm during school terms.


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