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Chadstone East Malvern News

Chaddy Chatter 22nd August 2017

Remember this week we are not at Matthew Flinders -

We are at Sagra Italian Restaurant - see flyer included in this email.

Cheers from the Editor. 


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Tree Planting Day - Sunday 20th August 2017

We joined the Friends of Gardiners Creek again for another tree planting day. 


Bring us your Used Stamps and help End Trachoma in Australia

Please save your used stamps and bring them to our weekly meetings.

Your used stamps will raise money that this year will benefit and assist us End Trachoma in Australia.

Any questions, contact Sandi via


Project Chimney has started

Project Chimney has commenced.

This project has begun with the purchase of this property in Oakleigh.

Then it will be renovated to something amazing!!

Watch this space!


BusyFeet makes a real difference


When we opened BusyFeet in Feb 2012 as a Community Project for Chadstone/East Malvern, we wanted to achieve a program designed to create a special place for Children with a Disability through Dance & Music.  It would be conducted in a fun and safe environment, a place where everyone feels special and is respected for their individual ability. Not only did we achieve that but have assisted other Clubs to create their own BusyFeet.  This could not have happened without the wonderful support of the Volunteers who have happily guided and danced with the Children over the years. There have been many thank you's over time but this one says absolutely everything that BusyFeet stands for.  All thanks go to our Committee and those who have supported us over such a long time


Tree Planting Day - Sunday 30th July

We joined the Friends of Gardiners Creek Valley and Stonnington Council for this community planting event. 


 Guest Speaker: Fay Veitch speaking on Mercy Ships

Join us this Wednesday to hear Guest Speaker Fay Veitch speak on Mercy Ships : 


RSVP to Lyle C or email:

We hope you can join us.


Date From : Wed Aug 16, 2017 : 18:15
Date To : Wed Aug 16, 2017 : 20:00


Chaddy Chatter 15th August 2017

Join us this week to hear about Mercy Ships Bringing Hope & Healing.

Enjoy reading this week's Chaddy Chatter as well as the Website features. Cheers from the Editor. 


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Chadstone Craft Market was a great success!

What a fabulous Craft Market we had! 

Over 40 stalls on show!!!! Lots of visitors and quite possibly our best Chadstone Craft Market to date.

Thank you to our Stall holders, thank you to our visitors and thank you to the Rotarians for making this wonderful quarterly event possible. Special thanks to Paul Rake for all the work he puts in over the months in advance, and Tracey F for her amazing marketing - it really made a difference! 

Make sure to put the Saturday 11th November in your diary now for the next Chadstone Craft Market that is sure to be even bigger and better



Disaster Aid Australia Newletter

Since May this year, news reports have told of prolonged fighting that has continued between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and rebels in Marawi City. It is reported that more than eighty-four thousand families have been forced to leave their homes.


Chaddy Chatter 6th August 2017

 What a fabulous speaker we had last week - Susan Berg! Just so inspirational.

Enjoy reading this week's Chaddy Chatter and Website features. Cheers from the Editor 


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Working Bee at St Oswalds Church Garden

We helped St Oswalds Church to rejuvenate their garden.


And what a difference we helped make!


It's been a busy week in this week's Chaddy Chatter 31st July 2017

Great news.....It's twin boys for the Lewi's!


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DGE Bronwyn Stephens on the Rotary International Convention

Getting off a plane in one of the busiest airports in America to be greeted by Rotarians in Fluoro vests was very unusual. This Rotary World Convention we were arriving at was to be Rotary on steroids throughout. Over 130 countries were represented, with over 40,000 Rotarians attending, and so many of them from African and Indian nations. Hundreds of Filipinos, and 26 Aussies from District 9800. Registering for the convention at the airport made life easy and that set the tone for the hospitality.


Birthing Kits

Someone asked at the Club meeting on Wednesday night as to where the birthing kits would go - please see map. One of the identified projects was with Rotary in Nigeria (it is shown on the map).


Donations In Kind (DIK)

There are so many things we use and then discard.  Why waste when you can put it to good use?


Update on our Donation to Seven Women

A report from Stephanie Woollard with an update on the Kitchen for Seven Women

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Dine Out and Raise Funds

When you purchase your Entertainment™ Book through the Rotary Club of Chadstone East Malvern, 20% of the purchase price goes to the club to provide funds for the many worthy projects in the local community and around the world.

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It started with a lunch

Read Rotarian Kerry Kornhauser's story in The Age.



Every Tuesday morning when Kade wakes up he says "Dancing...BusyFeet", with a big smile on his face.  His confidence is growing every week.


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Malvern Valley Primary School Retaining Wall

Date: Saturday Sep 2, 2017, 8:30 am

Work has been postponed due to inclement weather forecast.  We return to Malvern Valley Primary School to complete the retaining wall 2nd September

View ...

Guest Speaker: Chiropractor - Dr Alana McQueen

Date: Wednesday Sep 6, 2017, 6:00 pm

The talk is centred around health and the idea that we should aim to thrive and not just survive. Too many people go through their lives with aches and pains and just deal with a body that isn't functioning to the standard that it can.
In this talk we go over a few things including:
- Talk about what the nervous system is and why it is so important for our health 
- Talk about pain vs function and why pain isn't the best indicator of health 
- Give the top tips to keeping your nervous system functioning at optimal levels 
- Show some current research about the benefits of chiropractic 

View ...

Dinner Meeting

Date: Wednesday Sep 20, 2017, 6:00 pm

View ...

Chadstone Craft Market

Date: Saturday Nov 11, 2017, 10:00 am

View ...

Community Projects

What is on the cards for our Community Team?

From 2017-18 Rotary year,  Domestic Projects combine the previous Youth and Community teams.

This year the plans are to :

  • Continue to develop/improve existing relationships with :

o   St Oswald’s Church re community Garden.

o   Craig Family Centre re community garden

o   Currajong School with bursaries / maintenance assistance

o   Cleeland United Soccer Club

o   Ashburton Primary School re garden

o   Malvern Valley Primary School re assistance with building of a retaining wall

o   Ashwood High school re Mock Interviews

o   Local schools with School Citizenship Awards

o   Good Life Farm

  • Continue to build membership of the Men’s Shed
  • Find and fund suitable candidates for:

o   MUNA  (Model United Nations Assembly)

o   RYPEN (Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment)

o   RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)
NYSF (National Youth science Forum)

  • Investigate potential projects including determining possible assistance to:

o   Avalon Centre

o   Y House

o   Project Chimney (Oakleigh)

o   Other projects as raised by RCCEM members

Help for the Homeless

If your Club members have any Blankets, Sleeping bags or Swags that you no longer require please donate them and help Rotary help others.




Every Tuesday morning when Kade wakes up he says "Dancing...BusyFeet", with a big smile on his face.  His confidence is growing every week.


Streams: things to do,  dancing