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Rotary Club of Chadstone East Malvern

Chaddy Chatter 4th September 2017

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Cheers from the Editor 

MVPS - they said we'd never make it?!

And make it we did!

  • Thank you and well done to the following Rotarians for getting their hands dirty and making a real difference: Chris, Frank, Lyle, Richard, Chris, Andrew, Mark, a coffee visit by Trevor, and a special thank you to Alick for organising the working bee! 

Malvern Valley Primary School Retainer Wall

From this to.......


to this:                

Our Rotary/Partnership Update
Malvern Valley Primary School (MVPS) Retaining Wall Working Bee
*International and Fundraising team leaders
*Victoria Police
*Stonnington Council

What's happening in the International Team?

The International Committee discussed the following projects and decided to present these to our Board for approval:

See the next page for further detail.

Project TimorProject cost: $25,000

Project Cambodia:  Project cost: $25,000 

Project India:  Project cost: $10,000 

DIK (Donations In Kind):  Donation: $1,000

In summary, the International Committee is seeking RCEM Board approval for $35,000 for the above projects.


Annual Club Membership Fees now due

Our membership fees are now due and will remain the same as last year at $330.





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