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Rotary Club of Chadstone East Malvern


'Chaddy Chatter' 26th November 2017

Enjoy this week's edition of the Chaddy Chatter.

  • Xmas Trees for sale
  • Seven Women in Nepal update
  • Hands on Trip to Cambodia
  • Help educate kids in Vanuatu for just $13
  • Used Stamps needed
  • Travel to India on the Rotary Tour 2018


Xmas Trees - Order them from Us. Last Chance!

Order your Xmas Tree through us

Order form attached 



Seven Women in Nepal video

5000 Marginalised women have been empowered that all started with Stephanie Woollard and investing her last $200 to train 7 disabled women whom she found in a tin shed.


Seven Women Nepal Video

‘Hands on’ trip to Cambodia?

Join us as we travel to the village of Sna Techo, Cambodia.

Dates:  13-27th January


  • Health and well-being including support through the village medical centre
  • Activities at the school including English language and sport
  • Construction of a vegetable garden at the school and education about growing, preparing and cooking vegetables
  • Construction of a toilet block particularly to support the teenage female students to be at school full time and give them a safe place for personal hygiene. Depending on team members this will range from oversight of a contractor to hands on building.

Contact: Paul Rake 


Help kids in Vanuatu for as little as $13
Simply buy a book of 10 tickets for just $13.00, and you will make a difference.
If you win one of the 10 prizes on offer, you can decide how you would like your prize distributed in Vanuatu. It could go to the hospital, a random needy family, broken up into smaller gifts, womens centre or any other option of your choice….
The funds that we make are all put back into the charity to help with ongoing costs for storage, the container fees, and items that need to be purchased in Vanuatu for specific schools once there in January 2018. 

 See Tracey Farnworth for your book of tickets if you are able to help. :)

Stamp out Trachoma!!

Please save your used stamps and bring them to our weekly meetings a we start a new year. 

Trachoma is the leading cause of infectious blindness in the world!! And Australia is the only first world country with cases of Trachoma.

Your used stamps will raise money to help us End Trachoma in Australia.

Last 12 months raised over $10,000 for EndTrachoma by 2020!! Let's do it again for the coming 12 months.

Any questions, contact Sandi via

Come to India - 3rd to 18th Feb 2018

What a fabulous oportunity to join a group tour to visit the following cities in India:

  • Mumbai - Financial Capital 
  • Pune - Project Site (a couple of hours from Mumbai)
  • Jaipur - well known as Pink City
  • Delhi - Capital
  • Agra - Taj Mahal
  • Varanasi - The Ganges

See attached Itinerary for this trip

Photo below is from our Club visit back in 2007


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