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Rotary Club of Chadstone East Malvern


Merry Xmas 'Chaddy Chatter' 24th December 2017

Merry Xmas everyone!

Please remember to keep all your Xmas card stamps - we need them 


Stand by for the full Chaddy Chatter in January 2018

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year Cheer from the Editor 


RCEM provides lunch for Metro Rail workers

Well done to Chris Don for a superb job coordinating and organising this fundraising event. p.s we love the kransky sausages - can we have at the family fun day too?  

Thank you to the following people for helping feed the troups:

Lyle C                        David K
Dawn P                      Caroline A
Bill H                         Andrew H
George B                   Richard D
Mark P                      Lyndon J
Judy N                      Barb M
Ian M                        Tracey F
Rod L                        Sandi F
Special mention to Chris “sidekick" Lyle - he was there on 4 of the five days & assisted in food procurement.
Dawn was there for 3 days
David K & Andrew H on 2 of the days
Hein for trailer & cool room hire.
John W for towing the cool room to site & returning.
Lyn D & Dawn for washing table cloths, aprons, tubs & cooking equipment



Seven Women in Nepal video

5000 Marginalised women have been empowered that all started with Stephanie Woollard and investing her last $200 to train 7 disabled women whom she found in a tin shed.


Watch this video to see what has been achieved over 11 years of passionate selfless work. Our Cluster contributed $10,000 to the Cooking School which is very near complete.

Seven Women Nepal Video

BusyFeet Concert

The BusyFeet annual concert held on Sunday 19th November was a roaring success. 

The children enjoyed dancing to the music including the Wiggles and Grease, to an appreciative audience of parents, carers and Rotarians.

District Governor elect Bronwyn Stevens accompanied by her partner Mark Stevens attended as well as Assistant District Governor Caroline Ord. Afternoon tea organized by Dawn Paynter was enjoyed by all.

Bring us your Used Stamps and help End Trachoma in Australia

Over $3,390 raised so far. The target is $7,000 of sales of used stamps!

Please save your used stamps and bring them to our weekly meetings.

Your used stamps will raise money that this year will benefit and assist us End Trachoma in Australia.

Any questions, contact Sandi via

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