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Fiji and Cyclone Winston

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Support for the people of Fiji affected by Cyclone Winston


Many Rotarians have expressed the desire to assist people in Fiji affected by Cyclone Winston. 

At some point Donations In Kind will have a role but the timing will be determined by Fiji.  Until the goods required can be identified and the priorities established nothing should be shipped.

In the past Donations In Kind has helped in three ways

Governments have asked for our support.   It could be to help ship their goods or an appeal to Rotary to supply specific items.  If this happens there is usually a specific process that has to be followed.

Clubs in the affected country have identified what is needed and have obtained Government approval to import the goods.

We support local Clubs with their projects.  Rebuilding the communities will take years and the problems to be solved are basically the same as our current projects.   If a school of hospital needs equipment the cause of the problem is not significant.  

We know that DIK Projects are often the most cost effective way to help people.  All of the money donated goes directly to people in need.    We know that there will be projects in the future where goods that DIK can supply will be of great value.   The people need emergency aid today, but they will also need support in the future and this is where Rotary can be most effective.

If you want to support Fiji through RAWCS an appeal has been set-up specifically for this purpose the RAWCS Fiji Cyclone Winston Appeal   The District Governors of Australia have agreed to support a National Fund Raising Appeal for Fiji Cyclone Relief.

“FIJI DISASTER RELIEF” , RAWCS Project Number 46 2015–16,  has been established as a National project.  

The intention is to fund raise immediately and then identify appropriate projects. Identifying appropriate projects and assessing the need will not happen immediately as they will be concerned with the recovery phase.  As this is a Disaster Relief Project, RAWCS will not charge the usual 3% for donations from individuals and corporations.

If you want to support Fiji through DIKyou can donate funds to (click here)
 Southern Region DIK (Footscray) – Donations for Container freight & costs

This project is used to fund container freight and costs for containers sent from Footscray warehouse for D9790, D9800, D9810 and D9820.     Mark it “To be used to help the people of Fiji”.  The funds will be held for future projects and DIK will give you the opportunity to select the project you wish to help. 

We look forward to helping you help the Fijian people






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