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How to be a Leader


Another successful RYPEN was conducted during October with three students, Tali, Ruby and Katriana, from Ashwood High School attending, facilitated and transported by Caroline and Rosemary.

The camp was filled with fun, challenging activities including rock climbing, scavenger hunts and intense trivia. They learnt about what it took to be a leader and how to lead, but also how to work as a team.


Our candidates found The RYPEN camp a life-changing experience as follows:-

Katriana, Year 9 reports: “This camp was filled with many incredible students and supporters which we had the pleasure to meet and hope to become lifelong friends. An unforgettable experience with many memories made on that camp are those which I wouldn't trade for the world. We were able to make so many wonderful connections to Rotary, Rotaract and other Interact clubs. I had the opportunity to speak at a Rotary style dinner about interact and what we do here at Ashwood, in front of many representatives for Rotary and Rotaract, including the 9800 District Governor. I definitely hope the Rotary clubs of Chadstone and Waverley continue to sponsor Ashwood students to attend RYPEN, as it is a great way to learn and gain confidence and leadership skills.”


Tali, Year 10 reports: “I thought this camp was fabulous, the people were amazing and the activities and colour groups helped make meeting new people less scary. My highlight was probably the 'value auction', even though my colour group didn't win it was very fun and one of our teammates learned a valuable lesson "you can't bid if you are bankrupt". I feel like this camp has boosted my confidence and I'm am so grateful I was chosen to go. I would definitely recommend this camp to others because it was so great.”


Ruby, Year 10 reports: “Personally, I found this camp quite amazing, it helped build my confidence and it helped show me that I could be a leader not only at Ashwood High School, but in my day to day life. I met so many wonderful, funny, amazing people. My highlight of the camp was definitely the trivia; I’ve never laughed so hard in my life. Overall I think this camp has made each of us a better leader, team worker and person. I recommend to go on camps like this, because I definitely will if I get the chance to.” 

The Youth Committee will arrange for the girls to attend Rotary where we will hear of their experiences first

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