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'Chaddy Chatter' 18th June 2018

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Hello to all,

This week's Chaddy Chatter is all 'online' for a change.  Be on the look out next week for the final Chaddy Chatter for 2017/18. 

Message from our President:

Hi to All,

Back from Timor-Leste and fair to say Melbourne's weather is a bit of a contrast from downtown Baguia!

A few quick observations from the trip about the Rotary brand. People who knew of Rotary all had positive perceptions about us and the community service we do, in fact our driver asked to be assigned to our trip because he had worked with Rotary previously and knew we legit. On the other hand, a lot of younger people I spoke to either before leaving or while in Timor literally had no knowledge of Rotary at all and had not even heard of the organisation....

We had our last Board meeting on Saturday and I want to thank the Board for their efforts in keeping the ship afloat and producing some pretty good outcomes for the local community and communities overseas.

Last Club meeting for the year this week, and it looks to be a packed program. See you there.


Enjoy this week's read. Cheers from the Editor 

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