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Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern want to help you to “Make a Difference” in your community.

  • Got a great idea that you can’t get off the ground?
  • Know a community group or organisation group in need of assistance?
  • Are you looking for a trusted partner to deliver your community project?

Opportunities for partnership are now available for projects of community need.

Let us know about your idea via online form, click on link: Write a Review

Submissions must address the below criteria to be considered.  

  • Local areas: City of Stonington, Monash and Boroondara City Council
  • What is the real need of the community group
  • How will the community benefit
  • Could the project extend beyond 2 years
  • Is there opportunity for community participation

Part of the assessment process may include a short presentation to the Club.

Closing date 30th March 2018

Best community project idea published 18th April 2018 via our website.

Only best community project idea will be notified.