Rotary International And The Gates Foundation – A Winning Partnership!

Rotary International and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have a long-term fundraising partnership, which generates US$150 million annually for polio eradication.

Rotary is committed to raising US$50 million per year, in the knowledge that the Gates Foundation will match it 2:1 for a total of US$150 million.

In the last couple of years Rotary has been perilously close to not making its US$50 million commitment, so it is absolutely essential that districts, clubs and individual Rotarians increase the current funding level to Rotary’s Polio eradication program to avoid jeopardising the agreement that we have with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

RI President Holger Knaack requested all clubs to strive for a donation of US$1500.00 to END POLIO NOW as one of his goals for the year.  It is acknowledged that not all clubs will be able to reach that goal, but it is very important that they support the END POLIO NOW program as best they possibly can.

Individual Rotarians can help by contributing $10.00 per year to join the “Clem Renouf Club” in honour of one of our greatest leaders.

Simply use the following link to make a contribution to Rotary’s priority project and help maintain the arrangement with the Gates Foundation.

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