5 most common recycling questions explained

QUESTION 1: What are ‘soft plastics’ and why can’t I recycle them at home?

The general rule of thumb is if you can scrunch the plastic in your hand, it’s a ‘soft plastic’ and cannot be put in your recycling bin at home. Common soft plastics include plastic bags, cling wrap, pasta and rice bags, lolly wrappers, frozen food bags and the list goes on. 

The reason it’s important to keep soft plastics out of your recycling bin at home is because they can cause a lot of drama at the recycling facility where they often become tangled in the machinery. Fortunately, REDcycle has recycling bins at most supermarkets, and they recycle lots of different types of soft plastics. Find out which types of soft plastics they accept before you drop them off.

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2: What’s the deal with beverage cartons? Are they recyclable?

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