Author's Name: Michele Kennedy
Date: Mon 14 Mar 2022

$12,000+ Cheque for the Homeless

Our special guests, Debbie Holmes and Hai Truong from Avalon, were presented with the funds raised – in the form of a very large cheque - from our second sleepout held in November 2022 at Central Park in East Malvern.

The total funds presented to Avalon Centre will be $12,150 after our Sergeant for the evening not being happy with the figures not rounding up, therefore all proceeds from the sergeant’s session will also go to the Avalon Centre.

A great night of fellowship was had by all, including those who zoomed in to join us: Tracey, Andrea, Louise and Paul.

Well done to Michele Kennedy who's baby this was. Now for the third Rotary SleepOut for the Homeless. What will that look like and how big will it be. :) :)

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