Every Project Needs a Passionate Champion

This is a story about a young person with a passion for community support and how when he stumbled across Rotary International, he found a doorway to success.

By way of quick background our Rotary Club has set up a cohort of younger people in our NexGen team (the people who will be the life blood of our club in the years to come). We have a start up group of six people in the age range of 21-35yrs.

Old heads in the club, Nurur and Paul together with NexGen leader Vaishnavi are working with NexGen team members to identify projects that they could achieve with the Rotary charter.

One of our NexGen team is Rushdi and he has his heart set on a project in Sri Lanka helping a school of students with different abilities.

On a recent visit to Sri Lanka Rushdi with guidance from Paul and Nurur ventured out to visit the local Rotary Clubs in Kandy and was excited to learn that not one but two clubs would be keen to work with Chadstone east Malvern on a project for the school.

It is early days but the light at the end of tunnel has a soft glow. Next step is to develop a project proposal for consideration by the International team, the Board and the club in general.

Within two years there well may be a chance for Club members, family and friends to travel to Sri Lanka for a Hands-On tour of project work and tourist site all guided by a Club member with local roots and knowledge.



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