Community Service Committee - Update 7th July 2021

1. Toorak Community Garden   ** Saturday 17 July 9am start (Paul supplying morning Tea).  Volunteers needed.

2. George Pepperell Pavilion Painting   ** Lyle is contacting Council to lock in a date and see what they require e.g. public liability, zone off area etc.

3. Sleeping Rough   ** Contacted Council to lock in Central Park or Phoenix Park. They have come back to Michele wanting to know estimated numbers. Advised approx. 50 people. Advised District will be proposing to lodge for a grant.

4. Tree Planting Day   ** 1 August 10am – 12.30pm Basil St Playground and BBQ area Darling Park, Malvern East. We need to provide volunteer team leaders, BBQ and our RCEM marquee

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