Author's Name: Michael Hayes
Date: Sun 01 Aug 2021

President's Corner #3

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  Lockdown 5.0 did not get in the way of Rosemary Johnston to improvise, adapt, overcome (thank you US Marine Corps) the challenges of conducting mock student (job applicant) interviews on-line.  Delivered under our ‘Youth’ stream, the 2021 program delivered above and beyond expectations in the circumstances.  Great team effort from Rosemary, Michele, Tawanda, Nurur, Kathryn, Lyle, Alick, George.  All privy to some impressive young AHS students practicing their job application and interview skills.


We had to adjust our planned 28th July meeting at the Racecourse Hotel and our intended hosting of the District 9800 Governor Dale Hoy, hastily reverting to a Zoom meeting with the lockdown extension and expiry.  Whilst we put Dale in the calendar for a future date, it was another team effort to make late arrangements to host an engaging and informative presentation from Chief Executive Officer of Police Veterans Victoria, David McGowan, who took us through the journey and importance of this not-for-profit organisation caring for police veterans.   Somewhere in the order of 24 members dialled in and fantastic team participation. Well done to the team of Sandi, Louise and Lyle who supported the logistics in the background.

Saturday 31st July saw another team of Rotarians gather to finish the building of the Toorak Community Garden.  Led by our Environment leader Alick, it was a beautiful day out in the morning sunshine with an opportunity to support a local community with the capacity to undertake their own environmentally friendly and sustainable vegetable growing.  Well done to the team Alick, Kathryn, Mark, Lyle, and Jayden.  Special call out to Kathryn’s grandson Blake who under guidance from Alick manned the power tools for most of the day. Special mention also to community residents Aaron who pitched in and Anne for the lovely morning tea.

This week we gather at the Racecourse Hotel where the theme of team continues.  With our service stream allocations settled, we will gather in teams to put the finishing touches to service stream plans for the year, objectives and budgets.  A great opportunity to get together, enjoy fellowship and serve.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

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