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Author's Name: Alick Osborne
Date: Sun 04 Jul 2021

National Tree Planting Day

Grab your gloves and get your hands into the soil to celebrate 2021 National Tree Day at our annual community tree planting! We’ll be planting 3000+ indigenous plants at Darling Park, Malvern East to enhance biodiversity at this key site along Gardiner’s Creek (Kooyongkoot) in accordance with Council’s Gardiner’s Creek Masterplan. By revegetating this section of Gardiner’s Creek, we’ll also be joining our neighbours planting further upstream in Whitehorse City Council to enhance habitat value along the length of this important shared waterway.
GETTING TO THE EVENT: 8 minute walk from Darling Train station or parking at Basil Street carpark, 31 Dunlop Street Carpark (near East Malvern Junior Football Club pavilion) or Pitt Street (cross creek at corner of Maxwell Street or Winton Road).

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