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The Skin - Why Protect It & Simple Wound Care

Did you know that as we age:

  • Dermis loses 80% of its original thickness
  • 40% less collagen
  • Sebum and sweat production is reduced
  • Epidermal layer separates more easily from the dermis
  • Elastin fibres decrease in number but increase in size, thus making the skin stiff
  • Decrease in Langerhan cells-thus the immune system functions
  • Small blood vessels diminish by 40%
  • ⇓ vitamin D, collagen and moisture
  • ⇓ migration of capillary epithelial cells
  • ⇓ epidermal turnover
  • ⇓ ­fragility of capillaries

Community Service Update July 2022

Community Service Committee Members:

  • Michael H - Chair
  • Tania A
  • George B
  • Lyle C
  • Frank W
  • Geoff S
  • Janet M
  • Pauline L
  • Michele K
  • Richard D

Projects planned for the year are:

  • Currajong School Bursary
  • Sleepout for the Homeless – Central Park
  • Rotary Inner Melbourne Emergency Relief Network (RIMERN)
  • Donations in Kind (DIK)
  • Bread Tags for Wheelchairs 
  • Cultural Awareness & Exchange                                                                                                                  

Environmental Sustainability Committee Update

Environmental Sustainability Committee Members are:

  • Alick Osborne - Chair
  • Louise Matthews
  • Ros McMorrow
  • Rod Kenafacke
  • Raj Shinde

Projects planned for the year are:

  • Friends of Glen Iris Park Wetlands
  • KooyongKoot Alliance
  • Melbourne Pollinator Corridor
  • Heart Gardening Project

$5,200 helps children at Currajong School

After 2 years of lock downs, mask wearing, strict social distancing and zoom meetings, it was so great to be back for our annual visit to Currajong  School.

Rhett Watson, the new Principle at Currajong school and his assistance Belinda, hosted 17 members of Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern on Wednesday night where we presented a cheque for $5,200.


Congratulations BusyFeet on 10 years of dancing

It was back in 2011 when the idea of BusyFeet was born by the late Lin Hughes. 10 years on there are now five BusyFeet dances scattered throughout Melbourne and Rotary Clubs continue to show great interest in starting up even more BusyFeet dances. 

This is Catherine who has been with BusyFeet since 2012



$12,000+ Cheque for the Homeless

It was so great to have a combined meeting with the members from Rotary Malvern to present the funds raised from our Rotary SleepOut for the Homeless to the Avalon Centre. 


5 most common recycling questions explained

Planet Ark provide answers to the most common recycling questions.

QUESTION 1: What are ‘soft plastics’ and why can’t I recycle them at home?


Community Service Update

The Community Team have been busy planning and excited to activate now that we have some freedom.

  • SleepOut for the Homeless
  • Revamp George Pepperell Gazebo and....

Community Service Committee - Update 7th July 2021

1. Toorak Community Garden   ** Saturday 17 July 9am start (Paul supplying morning Tea).  Volunteers needed.

2. George Pepperell Pavilion Painting   ** Lyle is contacting Council to lock in a date and see what they require e.g. public liability, zone off area etc.

3. Sleeping Rough   ** Contacted Council to lock in Central Park or Phoenix Park. They have come back to Michele wanting to know estimated numbers. Advised approx. 50 people. Advised District will be proposing to lodge for a grant.

4. Tree Planting Day   ** 1 August 10am – 12.30pm Basil St Playground and BBQ area Darling Park, Malvern East. We need to provide volunteer team leaders, BBQ and our RCEM marquee

RCEM Online Shop Sales

See what's new at the RCEM shop. 

We are ready to take your order:


Cabrini acknowledges Lyle with Painting

"Retirement gave Lyle Chasemore the opportunity to use business skills as a volunteer and help community organisations. Cabrini is his local hospital and he holds it in very high regard. He has been featured in a medical training video and helped conduct patient surveys. He says these experiences have given him a greater understanding of a patient’s experience and empathy for all involved, including patients, their families, doctors, nurses and hospital staff.  Lyle says; “I feel part of a community that is making a difference to patients and their families”.

This portrait was painted by Jeffrey Kelson, an artist who survived three heart attacks and was treated at Cabrini Malvern.  Jeffrey has painted the portraits of 18 Cabrini volunteers who brightened his stay in hospital. We will feature one volunteer each week in the Cabrini Weekly Bulletin.

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 RCEM Changeover

Join us as on Zoom for chain of office hand over from President Tania to President Elect Frank


Date From : Wed Jun 24, 2020 : 17:45
Date To : Wed Jun 24, 2020 : 19:00


Welcome home Tim - The Avalon Centre

With 11,000km on pushbike under his belt, Tim arrives back to Avalon Centre to wonderous applause.