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Rotary Club of Chadstone East Malvern

Looking forward to seeing you back at the Racecourse Hotel this Wednesday - Yooppee!

Great news! We are back at the Racecourse Hotel this Wednesday. Please email Lyle to let him know you will be joining us so that he can ensure there is a seat just for you. :)



We Walked to End Polio

Thank you to the Chaddy Chatters Team who walked and raised $3,126 for Rotary's End Polio campaign. 

We finished 9th on the ladder out of the 40 teams which was a great result.

Collectively the Walk with Us campaign raised $110,000.

The team consisted of: Louise Matthews, Paul Rake, Cheryl Jenkins, Dawn Paynter, Janet Massie, Alicia Viviarini, Michele Kennedy & Sandi Fulcher.

300 Knitted Beanies for Uganda & Seafarers


Did you know that between Rosemary and Dawn they have knitted 300 beanies. WOW!

200 beanies were knitted by Dawn and Rosemary, and sewn by Rosemary. These made their way to Uganda.

"These will be part of a shipping container full of medical equipment going to Uganda and is due to leave in the next couple of weeks from DIK. Surprisingly the climate on the Uganda/South Sudanese border can get chilly and particularly for folk unwell in hospital.  To have soft, warm, love filled beanies of cheer will be an unexpected comfort." PDG Bronwyn Stephens.

On top of this, Rosemary has knitted 100 beanies for the Mission for Seafarers.

Well done to both Rosemary and Dawn. Your blood is worth bottling! :)


The Market
November 20, 2021, 10:00 am to November 20, 2021, 3:00 pm

We are back! Join us for our wonderful Market that has been in operation for over 6 years.

Rotary SleepOut for the Homeless - This Friday Night

SleepOut in Central Park this Friday and support those that are homeless this festive season.  Funds raised so far $9,000 +.  Let's keep building on those numbers :)  For the details, and to see who is sleeping out, go to........

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EPS pollutes Yarra River

Summary of a presentation by the Yarra Riverkeeper Dr. Karin Tragear to Environmental Sustainability - Rotary Action Group (ESRAG):

During research undertaken by Yarra Riverkeepers in September-October 2019 and checked in January 2020, they have identified that polystyrene particularly EPS is the predominant polluter in the Yarra with both large pieces and microplastics.


Community Service Update

The Community Team have been busy planning and excited to activate now that we have some freedom.

  • SleepOut for the Homeless
  • Revamp George Pepperell Gazebo and....

Save your Bread Tags

Bring along your Bread Tags to our next meeting and hand them to Tania.

Bread tags are not turned into wheelchairs. The recyclers make a donation for the tags and these donations fund the wheelchairs. Our Australian recycler, Transmutation in Robe, SA, has so far made door knobs, coasters, bowls, cheese boards, clocks and pens from bread tags and is continuing to experiment with new products. Check their website or Facebook page for updates.  In South Africa the tags are recycled into seedling trays.

Next 'Morning Tea with the DG'

Come join us. Book now at:

December 4, 2021, 10:00 am to December 4, 2021, 3:00 pm

Helpers are needed for this exciting opportunity.

Please contact Louise Matthews to advise what you can do on the day. 


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