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Welcome to this Month's Chaddy Chatter: 

From the President's Eyes - August 23

Welcome to the start of the new Rotary Year and I want to say we have a wonderful leadership team with a mix of experience and creativity.

Our prime focus for the start of year 2023/24 is to tell our Rotary stories with a focus on how we change lives. Here are some illustrations of the ways our projects change lives for the better:

The Market at Phoenix Park - volunteers needed

Caring for the Environment   
Tree Planting at Markham Forest

Rotarians braved an early Sunday morning start with rain that wasn't on the radar to join with the Kooyongkoot Alliance to work the garden beds in the Markham Forrest on Gardners Creek.

'It's The Little Things Community' 
Coat and Jacket Drive

Want to get rid of old jackets and Coats? Let Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern take them off your hands and regift them.

We are helping to support 'It's The Little Things Community' by collecting Coats and Jackets that you no longer need. If you have them cluttering your cupboard, you could donate them and we can get them to It's The Little Things Community. For the drop off point, click 

Rotary provides Water for the kids of Vanuatu
Water Catchment Project in Vanuatu

Rotary comes together in creating safe drinking water for school children on the Island of Moso. 

Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern, Rotary Port Vila  (Vanuatu) and Rotary Cronulla (NSW) have joined forces to provide a water catchment for the Tasiriki Primary School.

How good it feels to make a difference in your community
Volunteering with Rotary

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is often described as a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labour for community service. I am intrigued by this definition because of its purely from a financial perspective. It blatantly misses the huge non-financial benefits of volunteering.

Congratulations to......

Fundraising enables meaningful projects 
Raising Funds for projects Changes Lives

Rotarians change lives through the many projects that we do. Project work requires people and money. Here are some of the things we did during the past month to raise funds for projects:

Ashburton BookFest – sale of secondhand books on Saturday 8 July

Bunnings BBQ – 15 July

Camberwell Market - Sunday 30 July

Bunnings BBQ - Sunday 30 July

Community Committee 2023-24 
Committee Update 29th July 2023

From Bread Tags to Wheelchairs 
Empowering Mobility through Recycling

Small Tags, Big Impact: Rotary's Chadstone/East Malvern’s journey as part of the wider community collecting Bread tags to help in providing 100 Wheelchairs. 

Aluminium Collection: 
A surprising catalyst for Stem Cell Research Advancement

Collecting aluminium to help the Lions Cord Blood Foundation is a wonderful initiative that combines environmental responsibility with supporting medical research and healthcare advancements.

This project also continues the volunteers of Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern’s goal to partner with other organisations and their projects. 

Look What's Coming Up: 

What's planned for the next couple of months


20 Sept Wednesday Guest Speaker: Rotary Prahran Homework Program
27 Sept Wednesday Mtg at the Glasshouse
  4 Oct Wednesday Club program
11 Oct Wednesday Visit by District Governor Ron Payne
18 Oct Wednesday Club's 49th Birthday celebration
25 Oct Wednesday Mtg at the Glasshouse


24 Sept Sunday Bunnings BBQ
  7 Oct Saturday Bunnings BBQ
22 Oct Sunday Bunnings BBQ


Wanted/needed: Fabulous Rotarian to manage the Camberwell Market Roster. Please contact Paul Rake. 0409 937 080

Sunday 24 Sept   Mark Perree  Tania Aisbett
Sunday 29 Oct   Michele Kennedy  Louise Matthews
Sunday 26 Nov   Kathryn O'Connor  Kathy Noble

Join us for a Rotarian on Stage 

Time:  6:15pm for 6:30pm start.

Glasshouse, 31 Station Street, Caulfield East. Parking is right across the road from the venue.


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