Author's Name: Alick Osborne
Date: Sun 01 Aug 2021

Completion of the Toorak Community Garden

Fantastic weather for gardening with lots of sunshine, a light breeze and rain in the forecast. RCEM volunteers Kathryn, Blake, Mark, Jayden, Lyle, Pres. Michael and Alick got stuck into assembling the timber frames, inserting the waterproof liners and then filling the beds with a scoria rock base and garden soil on top.

Wicking beds are very water efficient because water is stored in a reservoir at the base of the raised garden bed and the plant roots can access it when they grow down through the soil. The water is drawn up into the root zone but surface exposure, and therefore evaporation is minimised.

The community garden comprises four large wicking beds, plus a smaller raised bed, two compost bins and a water tank and pump. Two of the beds were planted in late autumn and are already growing nicely. Over time there is room for smaller raised beds at either end, plus pot plants and trellis around the tank.

RCEM will be back to put up some finishing touches such as the trellis and to participate in an annual open day where we will talk to nearby residents about how the garden was built, material selection, composting and how to grow veggies in wicking beds.


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