Drinking Water Flowing in Vanuatu

COVID is a challenge but not a barrier!!! In past years we have worked with Progress Pikinini to providing water tanks to schools in Vanuatu.

Our club project for 2020/21 was initially to provide two tanks and all the associated works (foundations, guttering and piping) but COVID delayed us and we need to change partners to the Rotary Club of Santos.

We changed the structure of the project including from two schools to three and with the parent to do the foundations rather than us pay a contractor.

We won’t bore you with all the administration and communication missing links that has stretched our team to almost (but not ever) breaking point.

And we have been under serious pressure from District to get the project completed or run the risk of missing out on a grant.

Success comes to those that persevere!!!

We now have two of the three school projects completed and the third is almost across the line.

The photo below shows one of the tanks in place.

They look like simple water tanks that you could put in your backyard. And in most senses, they are but they have to be transferred between islands by ship. In addition, the roofing at the schools had to be completed by others to deliver the water for the tanks.

We will not be swayed by hard work (of the administrative kind) and are now underway to do three more tanks for 2021/22.

And stay tuned as we are working to form a consortium of Rotary Club to deliver a big project in Vanuatu in 2022/23.

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