Author's Name: Tania Aisbett
Date: Sun 06 Aug 2023

Collecting Breadtags for 100 Wheelchairs

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"Small Tags, Big Impact: Rotary's Chadstone East Malvern’s journey as part of the wider community collecting Bread tags to helping provide 100 Wheelchairs"

This heart-warming story traces the incredible journey of these small plastic pieces, from waste to mobility aids, highlighting the positive impact on both the environment and the lives of individuals with limited mobility. 

In an inspiring project, 10 tonnes of plastic bread tags have been recycled into 100 wheelchairs, combining environmental responsibility with supporting individuals with limited mobility.

These small plastic pieces, usually discarded, undergo a recycling process to become plastic crockery items. The sale of the crockery items funded the provision of wheelchairs for individuals in need, promoting sustainability and social impact.

Listen to the 7:30 Report:

Rotary Chadstone/East Malvern volunteers have collected almost 10kg of bread tags. The project's success showcases the power of recycling and community support in transforming lives and creating a greener future.

To continue supporting the initiative, individuals can collect and donate bread tags or purchase environmentally sustainable crockery items from the project's website. 

For more information and participation, interested individuals can visit the following links: or

Transmutation – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at this link or and for more information about the wonderful work that Rotary Chadstone/ East Malvern accomplishes visit

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