Author's Name: Paul Rake
Date: Mon 01 May 2023

Raw Sewerage at School – Really?

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Some of you have read that we have a very big project about to start in Cambodia – Washroom Toilets.

As part of the project our Rotary team on the ground went to check out the village school and found that all of the toilets at the school whilst “still working” were discharging raw sewerage in the surrounding school grounds – where the children play.

So we are taking urgent action to avoid the high risk of a gastro breakout at the school by repairing these toilets. Rotary Chadstone East Malvern is funding the repair of one block that contains two cubicles (needing a total of six tanks in the ground for proper processing). Another Rotary connection in the USA that is also part of the bigger project, will fund the remaining two blocks with three cubicles.

We could not stand by and let a gastro risk evolve – not at a school in Australia and not one in Cambodia.

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