Author's Name: Michele Kennedy
Date: Mon 14 Aug 2023

Working with South Port Housing

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One of the new Community programs is our Computer Drive. The object is to clean up old laptop, download Google Chrome, a suggestion made by our Tech guru Sam. Once the laptops are ready to donate, we will be reaching out to organisation who have come on board as partners in our programs.

The Community Team this week delivered their first three cleaned up laptops to the very worthy South Port Housing. A huge thank you to Sam Lazar whose idea it was to start this program and who had been working tirelessly to cleanup the laptops donated to the program so far.

Also, a huge thank you to Cheryl for making the trip over to South Melbourne to make the delivery.

Earlier this year the community team also undertook a Coat Drive for Little Things Count non-for-profit organisation. As we have inundated them with coats we had been left with several bags. After reaching out to South Port Housing, they were more than happy to take the surplus of coats and share them amongst the tenants within their social housing.   

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