Water Catchment Project in Vanuatu - UPDATE

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Day 1:

  • Work began early at 8 AM.
  • The old roof was removed, and the beams were taken down.
  • New beams were installed, and a new corrugated iron roof was put up.
  • Facer boards were painted white after removing the old, ineffective guttering.
  • Two tins of paint are still available for painting the newly roofed classroom.
  • Many villagers helped on this day, totalling 37 people, but it's expected that fewer will be available on Day two due to church commitments.

Day 2:

  • The roof was completed on this day, and the rooms are now watertight and rust-free.
  • A significant amount of painting was done with the assistance of Aaron, Ben, and a female friend.
  • A decision was made to reposition two existing water tanks so that each of the five roofs will have a water tank on either side to catch water.
  • Only 10 people were available to work today as most of the men were at church.
  • Tomorrow's tasks include installing gutters and more painting.

It seems like progress is going well, and the community is actively involved in this construction project.

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