Water Catchment Project in Vanuatu - COMPLETED

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  • To install a new roof and beams on one of the buildings
  • To install effective guttering on 4 of the buildings, but we managed all 5
  • Put in downpipes from the guttering to all water tanks on site
  • Paint various buildings that had either bare wood or paintwork that needed freshening up

The Implementation:

As Jack Dihm (Rotary Poer Vila) had done an amazing job of comprehensively ordering all the equipment needed for the job, most items were on site when we arrived at the school. Greg Proctor (Rotary Port Vila) had overseen the transporting of the equipment from the Efate village of Tanoliu to the Tasiriki School by boat,

With regards to the rusted roof we were to replace, on closer examination by Antoun, the owner/builder from the Moso Resort, it was discovered that all the beams were also rotten as they had been eaten by borers. Extra hardwood had to be ordered and this too was delivered to the school.

Also, some items that the hardware store had failed to put in the delivery were subsequently obtained by Marg, on a few more visits to the said hardware store and have since been put to use.

When the team arrived on site at Tasiriki School on Saturday morning, all equipment was waiting. The men of the school community were already taking off the rusted roof that was to be replaced.

We were greeted by the Principal Mr Paul Kalsev who was on site Saturday and Monday of the project.

Whilst that was happening, armed with the equipment sheet Jack had provided and had been used for the quotation process, went through all equipment on site and determined most items were accounted for. For ease of use and access they divided items up it into boxes.

One of the things that had been observed on a previous visit, was that none of the existing gutters were effectively capturing the water off the roofs, as the fascia boards which the guttering was attached, was too far under the roofs. These were all removed and brought forward. The guttering that was deemed in satisfactory condition was reused, and new guttering replaced the unsatisfactory or non-existing guttering. Of the 5 roofs, 9 of the 10 sides received new guttering, with only 1 side having old guttering reinstalled. Careful positioning of the guttering allowed for maximum collection of water.

Once the roof and rotten beams were removed from the classroom, hardwood beams, were cut to measure and put in place. The new tin roofing then went on.

With the fascia boards, all painted white before the guttering went up, day two saw the site visited by Rotarian's, and a helpful friend of theirs. The boys helped reposition the fascia boards and got handy with a paint brush. Robert (President of Port Vila Rotary Club) was most pleased with the progress made.

On the last day of the project, much was achieved with the new roof being fully secured, buildings painted, and all guttering put up and connected to water tanks.It was decided that some of the existing water tanks were not in the most effective position, so we had them repositioned. Now, along with the four new water tanks that we purchased, each building now has a water tank on each side, thus capturing the water runoff from both sides of the buildings.

It should be noted that the water tanks that were repositioned were on wooden plinths, so relatively easily reconstructed in their new positions.

One of the new water tanks on the cement plinths, previously built by the school community at the request of Jack. Guttering was placed and down pipes installed. 

The crew were putting screws, metal capping, and rubber washers together. The children of the community wanted to help, and they had a competition with Karl, to see who could put them together the fastest!

At the end of the final day, it was a race to get all the guttering and water tanks installed. The orange and green building shows the new guttering and one of the new water tanks.

All told, the Principal was most pleased with all our efforts and graciously thanked us.

A great project completed by three Rotary clubs working together, Chadstone East Malvern, Cronulla and Port Vila.

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