What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is often described as a voluntary act of an individual or group freely giving time and labour for community service.

I am intrigued by this definition because of its purely from a financial perspective. It blatantly misses the huge non-financial benefits of volunteering.

Why Volunteer?

Volunteers often say they get more out of volunteering than they put in! How can this be possible?

Much research is done about volunteering but a couple of key messages I like are:

  • Helping others triggers the reward pathway in the brain known as the mesolimbic system. It releases “feel-good” neurotransmitters such as oxytocin and vasopressin.
  • Volunteering is an adventure – you get to meet people from different walks of life and different ways of life brings together unexpected experiences.
  • Volunteering is a great way to promote strong social networks.


People volunteer for many non-financial reasons including:

  • Feeling good - We feel good about ourselves when we are doing good to and for others.
  • Learning new skills.
  • Connecting with like minded people for a cause.
  • Giving back to the community for a quality of life the giver has been fortunate enough to enjoy.
  • Meeting people and being part of a community.

What is the minimum Commitment?

One hour a year is the minimum to be involved with Rotary Chadstone East Malvern – beyond that is a bonus.


Volunteering opportunities range from being a Friend of Rotary Chadstone East Malvern and volunteer for a very specific activity such as planting new trees to improve the environment to being part of a Club Team that is regularly involved in a range of activities. A visit to our webpage will give you an insight to the many diverse activities we do.

The key to CHANGING LIVES through incredible projects is to have the people and the money to implement incredible projects. People come as volunteers because we do not pay anyone in our Club (we have no paid employees!!!). Money comes from our many fund-raising activities.

Enclosed with this article are some examples of our team CHANGING LIVES!!!

Contact Paul Rake 0409 937 080 to chat more about how you can be a volunteer.

  Dispatching Household goods at RIMERN

 Piping Drinking Water in Cambodia

 Planting trees to improve the Environment

 Sleeping Rough for the Homeless

 Our Busy Feet Program in action

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