Author's Name: Kathy Noble
Date: Wed 30 Aug 2023

Rotary's Impactful Day with Year 10 Students

On Tuesday, August 22nd, Rotarians from Chadstone/East Malvern and Malvern clubs came together at Ashwood High School. What were they up to? Well, they were there for something called the Year 10 Mock Interviews

Over four hours, around 140 students faced these Rotarians. This event aimed to prepare them for the job market. However, it was also a test for the Rotarians themselves, who were impressed by the maturity and confidence displayed by most of the students.

Many Year 10 students already had part-time jobs and were familiar with the application and interview process. This sparked a discussion among the Rotarians and Ashwood High about moving the activity to Year 9 students in the future.

As the Rotarians left Ashwood High School that day, they knew they had made a significant impact, planting seeds of confidence and ambition in the young minds they encountered. Rotary once again proved its dedication to shaping the future of the community.

In just a few hours, the Rotarians had transformed a regular school day into a memorable experience, leaving students with new found confidence and ambition for their future careers.

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