Author's Name: Paul Rake
Date: Tue 31 Oct 2023


Invitation is to all people over the age of 18 years and includes an invitation to non Rotarians. Talk to Paul about people under the age of 18yrs.

Planning is underway!!

What you need to know:

  • Project work four days a week starting on Monday 15 January and ending Thursday 25 January.
  • Travel to Cambodia (individual booking and payment)
    • Bulk of team travelling on Friday 12 January.
    • Other individuals to travel on Saturday 13 January.
  • Travel from Cambodia
    • Bulk of team travelling out on Sunday 28 January.
    • Other individuals to travel out on Friday 26 or Saturday 27 January.
  • Accommodation (group booking, individual payment at each location)
    • In Siem Reap from arrival until Monday morning 15 January
    • In District area of project from Monday 15 January to Thursday 18 January
    • In Siem Reap from Thursday evening 18 January until Monday 22
    • In District area of project from Monday 22 January to Thursday 25 January
    • In Siem Reap from Thursday evening 25 January until selected departure date
    • Accommodation options include single occupant room, couples, twin share and triple share.
  • Insurance
    • Subject to fit for travel letter from personal doctor all participants (including non-Rotarians) you will be covered by Rotary travel insurance.
    • You will also be covered by Rotary insurance for adjoining travel not related to the project before or after the project days. For example, if you have two weeks in Hong Kong visiting family before that is covered. As is if you decide to stay on for a tour after our project work is completed.
  • On-Ground Transport
    • Depending on the number of participants we will hire a minibus for transport to and from the project site as well as during the project work days. The cost will be shared among the participants.
    • Transport in Siem Reap will mostly be by Tok Tok or walking.
  • Meals
    • Meals in Siem Reap will be at individual cost at the time of consumption.
    • Breakfast and dinner in the district area will also be at individual cost at the time of consumption.
    • Lunch in the District area will be arranged, and the cost will be shared among the participants.
  • Sight Seeing
    • Sight seeing can be organised for participants on an elective basis.
      • Sights include the famous Angkor Wat temples, Tomle Sap Lake (with the floating villages) and Kulin Mountains among many more.
    • Project work
      • Will be in a village co-ordinated through Build Your Future Today.
      • Individual activities will be tailored to the interests/skills/desires of participants.

Here are some photos from past team visits that show:

  • Tania demonstrating teeth cleaning.
  • Cheryl with the school orchestra in making.
  • Louise with the teachers that they trained.
  • Haley distributing new “school” shoes.
  • Perry with his team of helpers.
  • Paul and others working in the veggie garden.


  • Any questions to Paul - 0409937080 or
  • Hands up to Paul ASAP but no later than 10 November 2023.

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