Author's Name: Tracey Farnsworth
Date: Sun 24 Oct 2021

Drinking Water for Schools In Vanuatu – the Next Step

The outcome is that thanks to the combined efforts of the Rotary Clubs of Santo (Vanuatu) and Chadstone East Malvern together with the support of a Rotary Foundation District Grant from District 9800, Rotary is making a difference with projects around the globe.

The secret to these projects being possible is that many people around the globe donate to the Rotary Foundation which in turn can allocate those donations to projects that a team of experienced people have assessed as being worthy – you know that your donation to the Rotary Foundation will change lives.

There is a whisper that the Rotary Clubs of Woodend and Chadstone East Malvern are jointly looking at combining with the local Rotary Club of Santo in Vanuatu for another larger water pipeline project to supply water to a village with distribution pipe to a school.

If you would like to donate to the Rotary Foundation to support global projects, please go to

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