Community Projects


Annual Sleeping out Rough Night

To our partners, sponsors, donors, sleepers and supporters a very big thank you. We have raised $18,390.50 to date. WomenCan, Ashburton Country Women's Association and Avalon Centre partner with our club for this event.


Raw Sewerage at School – Really?

Would you allow your kids to go to a school where raw sewerage was in the playgrounds? This is what the kids at Tapour primary in Cambodia are doing. 


The Heart Gardening Project

Proud to support the Heart Gardening project and the great work that Emma and the community gardeners do. 

First RIMERN Newsletter Jan '23

RIMERN Newsletter Jan 2023.pdf

Dignity & Safety for Women in Cambodia


We are heavily involved in driving change for women in Cambodia. 


Kooyongkoot Alliance Plaque reveil uses RCEM Marquee

How was this for a great branding opportunity...........

Well done to our member Alick Osborne who very kindly lent our marquees for the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee tree planting in Markham Reserve, Ashburton. 'Kooyongkoot Alliance' President Graham Ross and Federal Member for Higgins Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah did the honours. And it just happened that Michelle was guest speaker at our club the night prior. 😀 

Also present were Boroondara Mayor Cr Jane Addis and member-elect for Ashwood Matt Fregon. 

A few thousand more trees to plant next year. 🌳 

Breadtags for Wheelchairs - We're collecting

Save your plastic breadtags and turn them in to much needed Wheelchairs for the disadvantgaged mainly in South Africa. Tania is collecting them on behalf of the club where she then hands them over for them to be made into items that are then sold and funds transferred to wheelchairs for those in need.


Dignity for Women in Cambodia

Rotary Clubs of Chadstone/East Malvern and Port Philip together with the District program ‘World of Difference’ and the Rotary Foundation will create approximately 40 Washroom Toilets by rebuilding the structure of existing toilets.

Cambodia women are forced to bath themselves and their children in the open spaces because they do not have adequate facilities. Rotary is stepping in to change that!!


5000 People Raise a Glass to Rotary International

Over 5000 people in Cambodia will soon be drinking fresh water thanks to a Rotary International Global Grant and they will raise a glass of gratitude to Rotary International


Drinking Water Flowing in Vanuatu

Our Rotary Club is ensuring students in Vanuatu can focus on their studies because we are providing drinking water to more schools with support from Rotary Foundation through a District International Grant.


300 Beanies for Uganda & Seafarers

Did you know that between Rosemary and Dawn they have knitted 300 beanies. WOW!

200 beanies were knitted by Dawn and Rosemary, and sewn by Rosemary. These made their way to Uganda.


Drinking Water for Schools In Vanuatu – the Next Step

The last piece of the puzzle is the connection of guttering to run from the school roof to the water tank.

AND HERE WE GO – the guttering to the tank at St Therese was connected just in time for a massive rain fall and the tank filled completely overnight.


Residential Recycling = Reduced Landfill Rubbish

We have united with other clubs of inner Melbourne to establish a premises for the storage of residential goods to be recycled in the community thereby reducing landfill rubbish.



BusyFeet is a dance and movement activity for children with intellectual and physical disabilities, aged 6 to16 years. The participants will experience happiness, and develop more self confidence, through the movement of dance. To experience  BusyFeet.........  


Completion of the Toorak Community Garden

Saturday 31st July, RCEM volunteers installed the final two wicking garden beds required for the Toorak Community Garden.  


RCEM was asked to be the auspicing organisation for a community grant application from the residents of a block of units who wanted to capture water from their roof, compost from the kitchens and grow their own food.


RCEM Environment Update

Gardiners Creek, which flows through Malvern East, originates in Blackburn and flows from Blackburn Lake to the Yarra River.
Originally it was known as the Kooyongkoot, from whence Kooyong derives its name. The creek system is an important biodiversity corridor, but also sadly in many sections it has been reduced to a storm water drain.